Brown Vision Photography | Meet Kevin

Where were you born and raised? Where have you settled?

I was born in Jamaica and my family and I left when I was 6 years old. We First went to NY but my Father did not like the environment or the climate, so we moved to Miami, FL. My father and the rest of my family still live there. I have been very fortunate to settle in Tampa, FL. with my wife Barbara and two kids Sahanna and Major.

What type of photography do you shoot most often? What type of photography are you most passionate about shooting?

I am primarily a wedding shooter, this is something that I truly love. I really love seeing the joining of not just two people but also two families. I think it one of the most beautiful things and events in the world. When not shooting wedding, I enjoy shooting high school seniors. I enjoy their spirit and their willingness to show the world who they are. 

How long have you been a shutter releaser? 

I really started shooting in 1998 with a film camera. I remember those days of having to take film to a processor and then waiting. I know that is really a foreign idea in this day of instant gratification, but it was exciting going to pick up your prints. 

Do you have brand loyalty for Canon, Nikon or something completely different?

That’s a funny question, when I decided to make photography my profession I chose Nikon and loved it for many years. I have only recently switched to Canon and I truly love it and not looking back. I love my Mark II!!!


What is the best part of being a professional photographer?

For me, it is the chance to change peoples perception of there own selves. I often find so many women and men with low self esteem. I view my time with them as an opportunity to boost their own self value. 


Are your photography skills self-taught or were you classically trained?

My skills are completely self-taught. I like to say I have sweat equity in my photography